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Centerpoint to replace gas lines in the Mill District - slated to start Mid-March


Thanks to Mill City Times for this exclusive preview!

MCT Exclusive: Mill City Times has obtained a copy of a notice CenterPoint Energy will be mailing this week to those who will be affected by a major construction project set to start in Mid-March (see letter below).  CenterPoint will be replacing approximately 1.4 miles of 20-inch high-pressure steel transmission pipe with new 20-inch steel pipe along 1st and 2nd Streets S., and 1st and 2nd Streets N. and both 2nd Avenue South and North (see map for more detail). Construction is expected to begin in Mid-March 2015, weather permitting, and will continue until September 2015.  Visitors to the neighborhood can expect traffic delays, parking closures and lane closures in the areas of construction.


Why This Matters

2nd St. South is heavily used.  2nd St. South is a major bike connection from the U of M to Downtown, with most bicyclists choosing it over Washington Avenue.  And of course there’s the (unfortunate) heavy rush hour traffic that cuts through the neighborhood in an attempt to avoid Washington Ave.

Major events are held each week.  Every Saturday from May through the end of October 5,000 to 10,000 people come to the Mill City Farmers Market to stock up on local, sustainable, organic produce and products.  Thousands attend plays at the Guthrie, visit the Mill City Museum and take music lessons at MacPhail.  Thousands more participate in running and biking races that are staged along 2nd St.

Most people using 2nd St. South are visitors.  The vast majority of people who use 2nd St. come from other parts of the Twin Cities to participate in the above mentioned events.   We want to make Downtown a great place to live, work and play – having a plan to mitigate disruptions from projects like this one is important to the visitor experience Downtown.

What CenterPoint Should Do

CenterPoint should contact local businesses, event planners, and Neighborhood Associations immediately to learn how they can minimize impact for the people visit, work and live in the affected areas.

Letter to be sent this week: