What makes her tick? Q & A with Lynn Burn.


We recently sat down with Lynn to ask what life is like for her outside of the office. Here’s some insight about her values and just what makes her tick:

Q: Dream vacation? 

A: Amelia Island in Florida. It's a magical place where we have been making memories since my family's early days. We still go there every chance we get to this day. :)

Q: Best gift ever?

A: My two children, Chelsea and Carter. 

Q: Favorite item in your home?

A: I treasure my gorgeous vintage wall sconce that my grandmother saved for me - she even had my name written on the back.

Q: Ideal weekend plans?

A: Going to Modo Yoga to do hot yoga, maybe walking with my husband downtown to a restaurant or ball game, also in the summertime having my family over to sit on our rooftop deck and enjoy the evenings.

Q: Something people don't know about you?

A: I raised my family in Peoria, Illinois, and to help get us back to Minneapolis (my hometown) regularly to see my family, I worked at Northwest Airlines. I worked at a small hub so I did everything - I was the gate attendant, the luggage attendant, and everything else on the ramp that got the flight out (even de-icing the planes) - sometimes all while nine months pregnant! It was all worth it for my kids to be able to visit our Minneapolis family. 

For more info about Lynn Burn, visit her experts page here or send her an email at lynnburn@kw.com.