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elliot park

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Elliot Park is one of the oldest neighborhood communities in Minneapolis. It began in the 1850’s as one of the settlements that emerged around the Falls of St. Anthony on the Mississippi River. Its proximity to the industries that were built up around the Falls made it popular for Swedish immigrants who were drawn to this area. Sections of Elliot Park along 8th Street were platted for the building of houses, stores, and churches as early as 1856, only four years after the founding of Minneapolis.

This is an exciting time in Elliot Park. There is renewed vigor and enthusiasm for the potential and the possibilities that are inherent in this community. Neighborhood volunteers continue to demonstrate their positive spirit as they work together to make Elliot Park an urban village for all to enjoy.

Through the years Elliot Park Neighborhood has persisted despite social and economic changes, fluctuating fortunes and suburban emigration. It is a strongly built community that has maintained a stock of historic buildings along with a stock of determined people. It has survived, even when it has not thrived and it boasts a proud heritage that is bursting with potential and promise. Residents and employees, representing a diverse mix of cultures and economies, live and work in harmony in this urban village nestled next to downtown Minneapolis.