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Northeast Minneapolis (also referred to as Nordeast) is composed of 13 smaller neighborhoods whose street addresses end in “NE”. Unofficially it also includes the neighborhoods of the University community which have “NE” addresses, and the entirety of the Old Saint Anthony business district, which sits on the dividing line of “NE” and “SE” addresses. In the wider community, this business district, which is the oldest settlement in the city, is often identified as the heart of Northeast, in part because it lies across the Mississippi River from Downtown Minneapolis.

Recently, Northeast has become a hub for indie youth culture. With a number of local bands, art galleries, breweries and farmers markets. With this, there has been an influx of “hipsters” making their home in Northeast to take advantage of its unique urban culture. This is a special area to our Holly Holt, who makes her home (and many of her sales) in this vibrant neighborhood.