The North Loop

the north loop mpls

The North Loop is now a nationally recognized neighborhood for its world-class restaurants and funky retail vibe. Throw in some of the most interesting warehouse loft conversions in town and you’ve got a neighborhood with unbeatable energy. It seems every week therE is a new boutique, coffee shop, or craft brewhouse popping up. Walking this neighborhood is the best way to explore the scene.

Residential condo and townhome properties located here include:

212 Lofts

5th Ave Lofts

710, 720, 730 Lofts

801 Washington

918 Lofts

Basset Creek

Bookmen Lofts

Bookmen Stacks

Harvester Lofts

Herschel Lofts

Itasca Lofts

Lindsay Lofts

Renaissance on the River


Riverwalk Lofts

Rock Island Lofts

Soho Lofts

The Landings

Tower Lofts

Whitney Square Lofts

Check Out Our Favorite North Loop Activities!

Lynn’s Locations:

Askov Finlayson | JD Hoyt’s | MartinPatrick3 | Modern Love Vet

Cindy’s Choices:

Alliance Francaise | Spoon and Stable | Bachelor Farmer Cafe | Parc Boutique

Pam’s Picks:

Pacifier | Traffic Zone | One on One Bicycle Studio & Cafe | Monte Carlo

Emily’s Endorsements:

Bar La Grassa | Filigree Jewelers | Haus Salon | D. NOLO.